I had the great pleasure to work with Olivier on several occasions in the Middle East; first at The Ritz-Carlton Dubai and Sharm El Sheikh and then at The Palace Downtown. Olivier he has proven to be a very professional and passionate hotelier and I can highly recommend him to any potential employer.

Marc DardenneCOO Jumeirah Group

‘Having had the pleasure of working with Anna on what started off as mystery shopping and training, since 2015, things have evolved to as much as coaching and training all the while being a part of the team. Her experience of having travelled the world and having operations experience, has helped us to see things differently due to her very open and energetic mind. Anna brings in a great ear for advice and is practical in her conclusion to act on the needed way forward. One of Anna’s attributes is that she speaks Spanish fluently and commands the language written and verbally, allowing her to be approachable with the teams on different levels. She has a great deal of energy making it contagious for others as she shares her dynamism with others’.

Ilka KarlHotel Sant Francesc

Having Olivier as a key member for the launch of Almanac Hotels was critical to succeed in the development and positioning of the brand as well as the launch of the Almanac Barcelona. The industry insights and contribution of an extended network, paired with his creatively fresh and bespoke approach to identify solutions elevated the project significantly. We are much looking forward continuing our collaboration and counting on the close counseling.

Julian RödigerWSF

Olivier is a bonafide old school hotelier and someone I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with for almost 2 years. I was fortunate enough to work side-by-side with him whilst he was the opening managing director at The Norman, Tel Aviv. His wealth of experience in luxury hotel openings and operations, together with his professionalism, attention to detail and positive attitude when working, made him not only a great team player, but a great mentor for me.

Olivier’s strong connections in the luxury travel agent sector facilitated the success of the hotel from opening until today. I highly recommend Olivier as a true professional.

Yaron LibermanGeneral Manager, The Norman Tel Aviv

Heuchenne Bauge … what a great team! Thank you so much for all your guidance and “hotel brilliance”.

It is a true advantage to work with professionals that have an in-depth overview of all the fundaments to operate a successful hotel.

Anna & Olivier ‘s professional background and cultural knowledge acquired by working in luxury hotels around the world is echoed in all their feedback.

Their eye for detail, operating procedures, protocols, practices and ingredients for excellence have provided us with a handbook to help us start up, execute and accomplish our dream, Hotel Abaco.

Their dedication and 1:1 ‘s were essential to carry through our project with a lot of passion and excitement. Truly a strong drive when deciding who to work with as big consultancy companies normally do not offer the same personal service and commitment.

Thank you once again for all your support and for being part of Abaco.

Adelina and Thomas CaparoDirectors and Owners of Abaco Hotel Altea

Through her professionalism, Anna Heuchenne has proven herself to be an asset in the launching of my skincare series THERESA SKIN HERBAL COLLECTION in Majorca. Anna has been one step ahead in her planning and in the introduction of several events, which have had a significant impact on similar branches related to skin and health.

I hope to continue working with Anna, as I understand that she is coveted and popular.

Viveca GöckeFounder of Theresa Skin Herbal